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Well you know what they say.

True gods should be rewarded with candy canes and purple kisses.

Nice shit!

Really good compilation of your work, although for a demo reel it seemed a tad short. Keep up the animations chinni :-P

Best storyboarding/preliminary animation Ever.

I swear, I don't understand why the score is so low. I know how hard this would be to make this much so far. Bad place to submit it is this site though, because all these little kids look for is something funny and entertaining to fill the void in their life. But animation wise, this things is BEAUTIFUL! You get a five from me, EASILY.

ironthought responds:

thanks soo much and sorry for the late reply. i learned so much about animation in doing this project, it also changed the way i view life.

Just doesn't really cut it for me...

In my opinion this time trial failed, and it seems to be the worst time trial so far. I suggest doing screenings or something of that sort for people who you plan on letting in the time trials. This was just ... really ... bad. I guess the madness series never really did it for me... since shooting a guy with a cross face in the head is more of an exciting thing for an 11 year old. You can definately find better talent for these time trial movies, but looking on the NG BBS for it just isn't the way. Well, good luck getting the daily award, since people seem to auto-five anything madness related or time trial related.

You get a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig

ZERO. Tracing and getting a score above 3.50 is just ridiculous. Just shows how dumb the kids on newgrounds are getting.

Looks great and I can see why the video is poor

Just make sure Knox doesn't win, he mooches off of the 12 year olds so much on this site. He doesn't deserve any recognition. Good luck with finishing it.

Hey what can I say...

I have loved all your stuff so far and always have. Thanks for making these :). I don't see too much entertaining flash on this site since 12 year olds frequent here and only like stupid humor. I really really enjoy your movies.

jato responds:

thank *you*! more kegel on the way!

Just a rip-off of CKY

And it's not even funny. I admit there is pretty good skateboarding though.

toxicbomb responds:

RIP OFF HUH??? Dont think so. I remember doin this before ive ever heard of cKy! So dont tell ME this is a rip-off!!! Go... rip your face off... thanks for your review!

Let me guess?

You watched the weebl flashes and decided, without permission mind you, to submit THEIR artwork to newgrounds. Three things that tell me you are not the artist that made these. #1- you didn't submit the movies in order of when they were made, hell you only submitted two and they are just randomly selected. #2- you don't put anything in the others comment area. #3- They have their own site and don't need to submit to newgrounds to get traffic. As they have enough anyways.


Someone in the clock crew already made one of those, sorry to break the news to you. To become a real clock just go to www.clockcrew.net and don't become a worthless posting clock, make lots and lots of QUALITY flash. There isn't a DNA clock taht I know of.

Blah blah blah.

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